Tuesday, 14 June 2011


On Friday June 10th I was offered a new job doing data entry for the Sensis branch of Telstra. Of all the jobs I’ve applied to recently that was the last one I thought I’d have a chance with. When I got the call over a week ago I had to say I didn’t remember applying. I didn’t even send a cover letter which shows I really had no hopes for it. It’s an entry level position and comes with training. I can only assume the training was the thing that caught my eye.

At first I was told it would start in July but at the interview she realised she had made a mistake and the role she had in mind for me starts on June 27th. Fuck! It’s all happening so fast. My current boss gave me a glowing reference but now that I told her I have to resign she sounds a bit pissed off. I am giving her notice. But I don’t know if that means I’ll have a bit of overlap with the new job. That’s going to be hard. I’m willing to work up to and including the Monday my new job starts but Tuesday might be stretching it too far. I won’t have any time to sleep! I should have handed it in today. I would of yesterday but it was a public holiday. It’s giving me a bit of a headache.

It’s a funny world but someone I was thinking of calling today ended up calling me. He even asked if there were any shifts at my work. I said, “Yeah mine!” Explaining I’d been offered this new job. I told him how my boss seemed a bit pissed off but if he puts his hand up today or tomorrow it might make things a bit smoother between me and the boss in my last few days. Here’s bloody hoping! I actually talked to the recruiter today saying I was running out of time to give my proper notice. It’s sorted now and I am bloody well starting on the 27th. I realise how hard it is for them to get a replacement and I wouldn’t leave them in the lurch – I think that’s what she thought I was doing – even after telling her I wasn’t she seemed annoyed. I’ve known her for ages and she knows I never wanted to do cleaning so I was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t happy for me. I hope it’s more the suddenness of it all that’s upset her. (I hate people being mad at me!)

My new hours will be 3 to 11pm. Not quite the “day” job I was hoping for but much better in a lot of ways than my current one. It’s a six month contract but full time hours. It’s going to make a huge difference on my resume and to be honest my self-esteem. I’ve always hated telling people what I do.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Less then a week to go now and I might actually get what I really, really, want for my birthday, a new job! I got a call for an interview for a data entry job I don't really remember applying for. That was last Friday. I just missed the call on my mobile and there was a message about a data entry job and to call back if I was still interested. Well easier said than done as the phone number came up as blocked. Luckily for me they also said who the recruiting company was. On a bit of a whim I went online to look the company up and then sent off an email explaining how I missed the call. I really did not expect them to get back to me as you can probably tell:

Sorry to disturb but I got a miss call from a private number then a text message from Garth(?) about an advertising data specialist role. I've been applying to a few places and can't honestly remember this job also I'm not sure if the call was for me or someone called "Benny." I use Seek but can't work out which job it might have been. It's probably all a mistake, sorry. I was seconds from picking up the phone it's just got me curious now.

Lo and behold they did ring back. I admitted again that I didn’t really recall this job having applied to a few recently. I imagine when I did apply I didn’t expect to hear from them. I had a nice little chat with the woman who’d called earlier and she said if I had access to a computer and the Net I could go on to the next stage which was a couple of tests. Speed/Accuracy and a general computer knowledge quiz. It took me a while to get the link and account set up and once I did I found out I needed a printer. Bugger! I sent another email but it was already 5 o’clock by then. I told Terry my dilemma and he offered to pay me back if I went out and bought one over the weekend. Seemed a bit much for me, (she says typing on the new laptop he bought me. I told him he shouldn’t have bought that as well!) My dad ended up buying me a printer/scanner. (Bloody hooked to the scanner! But I’m straying). When I finally took the test on Sunday afternoon I was SURE I had been too slow. So I was down and depressed and feeling quite shitty about going into work on Monday. (I've been feeling shitty and depressed lately anyway. That might sound normal but I mean really down).

I don’t know why it is but I’ve heard back from most of the people I’ve applied to and I only just started looking for work again. Last Friday I had an interview for a casual cleaning job with Spotless, (again!) It’s at a busy city train station and I opted for day shift availability. I don’t know what possessed me. Those are the exact, public, conditions I hate when I’m cleaning. Another whim slash desperation. Besides fucking up and getting there a bit late I think my interview went well. After all I sure know what I’m talking about! I might be hearing from them tomorrow. I assume only if I got the job. I’m okay if I don’t. I want to get away from cleaning! Remember?

Yesterday I went into Red Bee Media for some different tests. They do captioning work, in real time, so you can imagine you'd have to be amazingly fast at typing. I applied for a job here a couple or more years ago and I know what the tests are like. First proofreading of a news story that had been transcribed then a timed test writing captions for a documentary and a drama. I really doubt I’m any faster or better at spelling this time round but I thought I might as well go in.

Anyway I got the call for the data entry interview on the tram ride into Red Bee so that perked me up enormously. I still have my doubts about Red Bee and don't know why I agreed to come in. (Something to do of a Wednesday morning perhaps?) I'm not being negative, rather realistic. I'm not that fast a typist and a pretty shit speller.

Speaking of speed I still can't believe I passed the data entry tests. She said my results were "Fantastic." I'll show up Friday morning only to be told it was all a mistake. They're SO sorry! Can we get you a coffee at least? Okay, that's being negative!!!

Later that Wednesday....

Well the Red Bee test was rather fun. (And a wee bit familiar). Still not so sure about my speed or spelling but I did enjoy it. Nice Scottish man there and the people in the background sounded nice. He said he'd let me know how I went either way. And I remember they did last time I went in. I remember getting the call because it was during my lunch time when I was at Foxtel doing data entry and customer service. That was a disaster! For now though
Description: :-)I'm happy. It’s amazing but that phone call for tomorrow (Friday’s) interview changed my whole world; turned me completely around. Of course I still might not get the job but to my mind I’ve soared across the hardest hurdle. We shall see! And I’ll enjoy this good feeling as long as I can.