Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What Should I Do?

I'm having a bit of a career dilemma. Yesterday morning I got offered my old cleaning job. I can't decided whether or not to accept it. I'm tempted by the fact that it's more money than I'm currently getting; I feel like I know how to do this job better and it's a bit easier because people aren't around and I won't be cleaning toilets. Actually the toilets I clean are pretty clean already.

It's the money. I want it! Of course. It's an extra hour of work so I'll definitely get paid for it. Currently I work overtime to get the job done properly. I am recording it on my sign-on sheet but I don't get paid for it. I know I should talk to one of my supervisors about this but I don't know....I chicken out. I'm worried I'm too slow at cleaning. My old boss gave me extra time with pay to do the job, I assume because I was actually using that time to clean. And she seems to like me. (Strange woman, lol).

But how can I do it? I still don't drive so it's going to be a nightmare getting to work. (3 am start for those of you not in the know). No public transport to get me there. I suppose it's not really worth it. But I'm going to torture myself thinking about it until the end of the week.

I'm leaning towards declining the offer. In which case my sister thinks I should tell her sooner rather than later. She's right of course. But.......I'm so indecisive.