Monday, 11 August 2008

Nothing Yet

I did hear back from Garnet of Rayon Productions but it wasn’t anything to get excited about. He said he would send me a draft to critique but that was over two weeks ago. I don’t think it would have worked out anyway. They’re guerrilla filmmakers. I admire the balls that go with it but it’s not really the sense of security I’m looking for. A pay cheque would be nice.

I’m getting sick of all these false starts when it comes to work. In desperation I was approached last Wednesday for a temporary data entry job that would have started today. I had already given up on this one and was surprised they called me. They emailed me a data entry test. I’m a little rusty and I assume I failed it.

Hmm. It’s the assumption part that annoys me. I just want to know. I didn’t get any results after taking the test. And when I talked to them on the phone they asked if I was free to come in the following day. I am very free. I’m always free! No phone call. No reply to my email. Thursday was terrible. The mental torture I put myself through. Hope can be so self-destructive, no? I was going mad with desperation.

It’s probably my fault. I wasn’t fast enough or accurate enough. But I just hate how excited I got about the possibility of going back to work.

Perhaps data entry was a stretch for me as I’ve been out of practise. But I applied to a dishwasher job not so long ago and was even asked to come back for a trial. I don’t know what I did wrong there but I never did get called back. The trial was rather weird too as I didn’t end up doing any dishes at all. Instead I got to wrap up napkins in groups of 15 or 25 for the platters.