Monday, 13 April 2009

Village Views

I’m finally putting some photos up from my trip to Papua New Guinea in February and March. The photo part was easy but I did wonder what I should write about going back to PNG. I can’t really explain the anxiety I felt over going back. With twenty years or so to build, the emotional stress levels where high.

I don’t regret it though. It was so good to see my dad. It was so much easier to talk to him in person than long distance over the phone. I'm going to steal from my notebook.

February 26 2009

There’s still a lot I don’t understand about [my dad] and PNG but I talked a lot with [him] since I landed yesterday. It was really good. I didn’t realise how green and beautiful Port Moresby is. Surrounded by mountains. That’s what I like most. As [my dad] said, “Wait to you see the village.”

Yes the village; the important part of the trip. I haven’t lived in Port Moresby since 1989 and I haven’t been up to the village since I was a baby. (I know, I know! I already feel bad enough). It scared me though. I can’t handle that sort of attention and intense emotion. And you do feel like a celebrity there. Which is a very odd feeling. Very topsy-turvy in that we mean so much there and so little here. I should correct that and say I feel like so little here. My sister’s life seems to be going well and to plan.

I should have come back sooner. Although at times I am still scared and sad to be back. At times it’s exciting/scary. Dangerous and thrilling. (Gees Amy, you haven’t been here that long. But here’s some thoughts anyway).

Apart from a couple of cards/letter that’s almost all I wrote while I was there. I had the time; I’m just a lazy bitch.

Not quite the order I wanted to present them in but it's been difficult enough getting these photos up.