Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back To Work

I’m obviously not very good at this blogging lark. The reason I started it was to chart my progress in the media industry – assuming once I wedged my big toe in the door my foot was surely to follow. Well everybody I am back. Sort of. (Huh?)

On May 12 I got an email from my old boss telling me what was up with the project. Some meetings have been pencilled in between the publishers and the production company. I was tentatively being invited to come to them even though the two women in the company weren’t convinced there was a role for me. They both know people who’ve been through the training etc. But David stuck up for me. He knows how difficult it is to get the aforementioned foot-in-the-door. Even a wide PNG foot like mine.

I was quite sad getting that email. It seemed like it was finally going to happen, but without me. Is that worse than it not happening at all? I’m not sure.

Anyway, the “good” news is David did talk them into letting me finish off what I had started last year. Reading and writing summaries of the books they are adapting into a television show. I just finished the last book this afternoon. My God, talk about overload! I have a bit of work to do on the summaries though.

One of those meetings with the publishers is supposed to be happening on Monday. I think I’m allowed to go. (I’ll even get paid). I’m a bit nervous about that. It’s something new. And I’m a bit worried about meeting the other two women from the production company. Actually I met one last year. I haven’t met the director. (I used to want to be a director. Perhaps I still do, deep down). The first day I went in David told me not to take it personally. It’s more an experience thing. I can’t help taking it a little personally though. I sense resentment but that may just be in my head. It’s catch-22, how can I get experience if no one gives me a chance?

This past week I’ve been doing my reading and summaries. I’ve also been babysitting David’s grandson and going to my cleaning job at night. It’s been a long week. Three jobs and I don’t think I did justice to any of them. That’s not true. I did the cleaning properly. I refer to it as my “official” job. I’m a sucker for obligation and responsibility, no matter how much I hate the job.

It would be nice to be in a position where I knew it was safe to quit cleaning. However I’ve been waiting and disappointed too many times by this television project to take the risk. And of course a cleaning job – cringe and double cringe – is better than no job at all.