Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Nice Work If You Can Get It

This morning I went to see David to give him some more PNG coffee and a Christmas card. (I’m such a suck!) It’s also a bit easier to get information on Go Girl! in person. There wasn’t much more news than what I was told in my last email. In that there was mention of a meeting with a woman from Disney. Today I found out they are still interested. There is some interest from CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. David’s Canadian, might that help? A lucky “omen?” PLEASE!) His wife was surprised to hear that and asked how it came about. It was through Film Victoria apparently. I think there may be a chance of meetings with CBC in February. Sigh! But then again, what is a few more months of tortured hoping and waiting?

In the meantime I’m supposed to finish my script. That’s my “passport” to the business; my proof that I can do it. He wasn’t telling me off exactly for not doing it yet, but his tone suggested th
at's my only option for now. He did warn that if it wasn’t done by February it would be unlikely that he’d have the time to help me. Take advantage now Amy! I told him I will. And it’s true. I want to see if I can complete at least one script. He told me again how once I prove myself I should be set, (and I can be as eccentric as I want!) On my way home I was wondering if I could finish my script before the New Year? That would show him I was serious! It really would be nice work if I could get it. We’ll see.

That's my take on the Go Girl! book covers. And this time I'm the star.