Thursday, 30 October 2008


I'm back!

Next Wednesday I return to cleaning. I've been so bored and stressed about money that it's not such a bad thing. And yet....

I was hoping I could do better than this.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


I was feeling popular earlier this week. Work is in the air. I can almost taste it. Of course now I’m just going mad waiting to hear something more definite.

It looks like I will be going back to Spotless soon. I called Geraldine on Monday, but she didn’t have any work for me. However she gave me a lead for some other cleaning work. It’s a different site with much more liveable hours.

Also on Monday I had a phone interview for the new Officeworks opening in Coburg next month. I didn’t think I did that well. Being flustered and caught off guard as I always am when I get calls relating to work. When I was told if I was unsuccessful I would receive an e-mail I thought that was it. But lo and behold I got called back soon after for a group interview on Wednesday. I was totally surprised.

When I got there I overheard another interviewee quoting some statistics. That 150 people had applied, there were 30 positions and 40 people had made it to this stage. If that’s true I’m even more surprised I’ve got this far. I think the fact I’m a local, like most of the other people there, was what did it for me in the end. Like I said I did do pretty badly during the phone interview. “Um...yeah...because...I think.”

I don’t know how I did in the group setting. I never can tell. I didn’t feel too bad afterwards. As always I probably should have said more. But of course there’s always Spotless. I’ve done the paperwork for them and now I’m just waiting for a call to start work. Even though Officeworks would be better for me in the long run giving me more experience, especially customer service, I feel more confident with the cleaning. It’s boring and often stressful but I know what I am doing. (Hell I've bitched enough about it here already).

I’m also crossing my fingers for my television career. Last I heard, (two weeks ago), both sides were going through the finishing touches on the contract. And once my “bosses” get funding from the ABC and Film Victoria I should be part of the team again. That would be wonderful but I can’t get too excited about it. It’s been too long. I just can’t trust it will really happen. If you know what I mean?

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tough Times

I spoke to my boss. She said she is going to go through the roaster and would try to get me a few hours. I know she’ll do what she can.

Wow, I really took my Plan B for granted. As much as I loathed it I always thought I could go back. I’m not sure what to do next.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The First Step (But In Which Direction?)

Well I’ve done it. I’ve made contact with my old cleaning boss. Boy I’ve been putting that off for ages. I’m so pathetic all I could do was exchange a series of text messages with her. But it has resulted in a scheduled phone call tomorrow afternoon at four. Will I get to go back to Spotless? And perhaps more importantly will I kill myself if the answer is “Yes?” (I’m thinking probably). Well no point getting too upset about it now. Ha! What a joke. I can't even describe how upset I am about the way things are at the moment. Anyway, looking at the "bright" side it may not even be an option. Things could get worse!

I wanted so badly to get away from cleaning.