Thursday, 10 February 2011

Oh You're Kidding Me!

Which isn't quite the reaction I had when I went to check my email this morning but I don't want to set up a blog that gives potential viewers the misleading impression that this site is raunchier than it actually is. LOL @ "viewers."

As we all know I need a new job and how! Since getting back to my current one after the Christmas New Years break I've just been getting on with it. Getting some overtime which is good - oh wait, didn't I say it was crap in my last post? Well yes it is but the money I make when I do my normal hours is even worse. So, so pitiful. Anyway it's almost been a month back and as I said previously I've been getting on with it.

I was talking to Terry about it and he asked if I had been looking for a new job. (No of course not silly man!) I think that was on Monday. The next day as I was wasting time online I decided I would check out the job ads on Seek. My preferred place to look. I found one for a job I applied to a couple of years ago. It was doing subtitles for TV and Radio. Would have been great. At the time I got a call to come in to be tested and failed miserably. I was told the standard was unusually high for that group of applicants. Unless he was a good actor he did seem sincere.

Even though they were advertising for a part time position I was interested. Fuck anything to get away from cleaning. Then I read the ad more closely and they had something about previous applicants need not apply. I figured even after the time that's past that includes me. Also when I clicked on the link to have another look at it the ad had been removed. I stuck around to see what else there was. And to my surprise I found one and decided I'd apply. Entry level admin. Not a dream come true but still it's got to be better than working at 3 in the morning. And in all honesty I know entry level is where I am at. (So embarrassing).

You know the expression, too good to be true? Well! the email that had be flummoxed this morning was from Seek. They wanted to let me know that the ad had been removed. They told me: We have identified a job ad on which was placed by a fraudulent advertiser who used the company name "Anja's Studio" - the title of the position advertised was "Office Administrator”

As our logfiles show that you applied for this job, we wanted to warn you that this ad was placed in contravention of SEEK's advertiser terms and conditions. We have concerns about the legitimacy of this advertiser -- and any other which asks you to send your bank account details.

We strongly recommend that you NEVER supply bank account details to a prospective employer.

If you have supplied your bank account or credit card details, please contact your financial institution immediately and ask for their advice. If you feel you may have been the victim of fraud contact the Australian Federal Police.

I have to say the ad didn't read as dodgy. Lucky for me it didn't get to a serious stage but I did recieve a reply from Anja that went to my junk mail. Bravo Hotmail! Just reading that email I knew it was bullshit. Good on Seek though.

When I was talking to Terry yesterday I said I don't know if there is anything I want to do and that perhaps cleaning is for me. However depressing as well as financially inadequate that may be. A decent wage would make a huge difference. So would more hours even though that would be exhausting and mind numbing to boot. (I can't stand the idea of being a cleaner during the day. I'd find it too painful. I always imagine it would be in a shopping mall. All those people pretending not to see you. Ugh! Oh please, no). I looked through all these jobs that I can't do for one reason or another. I know I'm not stupid but I kind of feel like it. There was nothing there I really wanted either.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Crapping On About Work

I don't want to go to bed yet. It's been hot the last few days but finally the firece wind outside is cool rather than warm. This is the easiest cleaning job I've had in terms of tasks to do but my God I was sweating up a storm last night. Not attractive. I was doing a bit of overtime but I think things are back to normal now. Bummer. Three hours a day fifteen hours a week, it's not a lot of money. I get paid fortnightly now. It kind of fools you into thinking you're making okay money, but I'm really NOT. I daren't re-check what the dole payment is because I know it's pretty close to what I'm making now. Rather than going on the dole I wanted to be making my OWN money but the strain it puts on my time and "social" life makes me think twice. Well it would if I could get over being on the dole again. Fuck no! Not again. Shit!