Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Year, New Career

Well not exactly. An opportunity has arisen though. I’ve been asked to make sweets, (chocolate cherry balls, slices and cakes), for a restaurant in the city.

I was asked to do it during dinner last Christmas Eve and I finally got around to doing it last week; a week ago today in fact. I wasn’t pleased with the hazelnut brownies I made. (My first attempt at that particular recipe). They didn’t look right. They weren’t thick enough – didn’t rise to the occasion as it is rather lame of me to put it. But they sure did taste good! The chocolate cherry balls were all right though. I don’t even like cherry but those balls are divine!

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: They are too big. Can you imagine such nonsense? I’ll make them smaller and prettier next time but really, too big? I don’t understand. It’s cool though.

I was worried about presentation. I think that’s why I put it off for a while. I’m not fussed with the homemade look when it comes to food for family, friends and myself, however stuff for a restaurant is different. More standardised I suppose I mean.

Last Friday I stopped by the restaurant to visit my cakes. I was informed they haven’t been selling. They aren’t giving up on me yet though. One problem is they haven’t spent much energy on their desserts, so it hasn’t got the reputation of a place to stop by for coffees and cakes. The staff and family members seem to like them though, even the flat brownies. But it’s all about making a profit. I’ve been asked to make a Hummingbird Cake. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t trust our oven to heat properly. It hasn’t been the same since my mum cleaned it. I do believe a cook needs to know the temperament of the oven they use.

Although I never thought I wanted to do cooking for a career I was excited to be given this opportunity. I’ve had a lot of false starts in the past. Shit my life feels like a false start. (Moan). So my expectations weren’t too high – self preservation, right? And realistically it didn’t seem like something that would support me, or even let me quit cleaning. At best a little extra cash and something to do during my long boring wait for work to start at 5.30pm. I admit it would be nice for strangers to say they like my cooking because I’ve always enjoyed doing it. And who doesn’t like a compliment every now and then? Even though I’d be hearing them second-hand. Actually that suits my shyness. I don’t know what will become of this though. Not this early on.

I’m still hanging out for news on the TV series. It’s been so long that any news would be good and interesting to have. When do I give up on that though? I decided close of business Friday February 20. I even marked it in my diary. I was thinking two weeks into the month but that would be Friday the thirteenth so I gave myself an extra week. It’s stupid but I don’t need any more bad luck. I can’t decide if I should try emailing them before the deadline. That might lead to some news. I think after two months of hearing nothing I’m entitled to an update and progress report. Fuck, even a lack of progress report. Just so I know where I stand. It’s torture! How long can hope last?