Monday, 1 March 2010

Getting Wiggy With It

It was my sister's Michael Jackson themed birthday party on the weekend. I had a good time though I was a bit worried about the wig either not sitting right or lasting the night. I still don't think it sat right or looked like it did on the cover but people seemed to get it. I showed this guy on chat a photo of it and he said, "You're hair looks different." LOL! Of course it does it's a wig! It was an extreme close up so I don't blame him really. He loved the red dress. A lot of people did. Not enough single straight men at the party but I still got a few compliments.

I remember a stunned look on my mum's best friend's face. (Pity I didn't get to talk to her that night). And her partner told me red was my colour. He should know he teaches design at RMIT. (Not the site I once cleaned at. No I did the boring accounting floor and other business stuff).

Not everyone dressed up but people did come up with some amazing efforts (as you can see below). Very gratifying for my sister. My mum "stole" the green walk sign. Her excuse is she is the mother of the birthday girl! But the guy as the Moon "stole" my sister's glittery jacket so it all works out.

I think I have the anti-climax/Monday blues. Today is the first day I could have gone back to work on the script but I just feel lonely and bored and rather shitty about having to go back to work this Monday.

I can't help feeling like no one gives a shit about me. I'm thinking family, especially after the party, and then reading Facebook comments. Makes me thinking running off with Terry might not be so bad. Start my own family with him and forget about them.

I think I just don't feel important enough within my family. I know I'm projecting my own sense of worthlessness of being a cleaner and still at home. No relationship etc., etc...!

Of course it was Molly's night too and I'm happy she did have a great time after getting anxious over so many things in the lead up to the night. But I didn't seem to connect among the cousins as I saw them do. I had a group of friends at the party so I wasn't shy or lonely as I can get at some parties, however I still had these moments of feeling like the odd one out. The Outsider. I'm still "hot" though. Groan. Oh my God!